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Step 1: Day of Scheduled Service

 An experienced crew from Calcium Blasters Pool Tile Cleaning Professionals will arrive at your home on time and be prepared to complete all your pool tile cleaning needs.  Using our equipment we will lower your pools water level a couple inches  below the bottom of your pool tile or just enough to reveal the calcium and mineral deposits on your pool tile or stone water features.  

Step 2: Let the Cleaning Begin

 Now that the proper amount of water has been removed and all of the pool calcium deposits are exposed, our pool tile cleaning professional will begin the pool tile cleaning cleaning process with our state of the art equipment that has been specifically designed for cleaning pool tiles.  With the use of compressed air, we gently apply a soft, eco-friendly cleaning media, specifically designed for cleaning pool tile and removing pool calcium from your pools surface. 

Step 3: Amazing Results

 Now that you have clean pool tile our Calcium Blasters Pool Tile Cleaning Professional may offer to SEAL YOUR TILE with a product designed to slow the return of pool tile calcium and help make your pool tile or stone look new again!     

Step 4: Relax and Leave the Work to Us

 Using our portable equipment we will vacuum your pool to remove any excess cleaning media and calcium debris.  We also will hose down your pools surrounding decks/patios and always try to leave your backyard looking clean.  We do make every attempt to vacuum out all of the visible cleaning media but some may be suspended in the water and may take hours to settle to the pool's floor.  This debris may be picked up by your automatic pool cleaner or need to be spot vacuumed by your weekly pool service.  *Pools with natural stone water features may require additional cleaning by the homeowner.   

Step 5: Enjoy the Results!

Your Pool Tile ​Cleaning is complete and your pool is now ready to enjoy!